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Senior Spotlight - Isabella Collar

My name is Isabella Collar and the 2022-2023 season is my last with Makaroff Youth Ballet. I started dancing when I was 7. I remember my mom always begged me to try ballet but I'd always refuse. That was until I watched the Makaroff company perform at the public library and immediately fell in love with the art form and have been attending classes ever since.

My favorite part about dancing at Makaroff's has been performing in the Nutcracker. When I was young and cast as Clara, I was ecstatic. I felt a massive sense of accomplishment and pride. I felt like I was part of something larger than myself, bringing the art of true classical ballet to the community. The Nutcracker unlocked my love for being on stage. All the long rehearsals were all worth it for those fleeting moments under the bright lights. Through dancing, I've acquired discipline, strength, and self-expression which I will cherish for life.

When I began at Makaroff's I was very shy and barely talked to anyone. I've since opened up and probably talk too much now, but at the time it was so heartwarming that I was continually welcomed and encouraged by my fellow dancers. When faced with a commitment as large as classical ballet, it really bonds people. My peers have been a large part of what made dancing so fun. I will always remember the memories between classes, backstage, and in the dressing room. I also must thank Ms. Makaroff for passing her passion on to me and for her guidance over the past 11 years. My years with MYB will always stay with me as I graduate and move forward.

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