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Kodi Bagwell
Kodi Bagwell is a junior at Appleton North and began dancing when she was three years old.  She joined the Makaroff School of Ballet in 2013. Kodi has attended ballet summer intensives at Joffrey Ballet Chicago; American Ballet Theatre in Austin, Texas; Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, D.C.; and CPYB in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Most recently, Kodi attended summer classes at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, where she pushed herself to grow beyond her perceived limits.
Isabella Collar
Isabella Collar is a sophmore at Appleton West. She began dancing at the Makaroff School of Ballet when she has eight and is in her second year with MYB. Izzy has discovered a tremendous sense of accomplishment through ballet and was honored to dance as Clara in The Nutcracker for MYB.  Her dream roles include Dew Drop fairy and Snow Queen from The Nutcracker.  Outside of ballet, Izzy enjoys cooking, drawing, reading and hanging out with friends and family.
Olivia Feng
Olivia Feng is an eighth-grader at Wilson-Magellan Middle school, dancing since 5, and has developed self-discipline and confidence through ballet. She credits her work as a dancer with making her successful in other aspects of her life. She loved all of the roles she’s performed in The Nutcracker and hopes one day to dance dream roles of Odette in Swan Lake and Bluebird in Sleeping Beauty. She enjoys reading, drawing, and hanging out with family and friends.
Lucy Hittle
Lucy Hittle is an eighth-grader at Wilson-Magellan Middle School and has been dancing at Makaroff since she was eight. Her dream roles are Alice (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland) and Snow Queen (The Nutcracker).  Lucy enjoys the expression and strength that ballet gives her: the art has helped her learn how to maintain a strong sense of identity while working hard to pursue her passion.  Outside of ballet, she enjoys reading, drawing, and spending time in nature.
Brianna Meyer
Brianna Meyer is a sophomore at Chilton High School who has studied at the Makaroff School of Ballet for five years and is in her second year with MYB.  In past years, Brianna has enjoyed dancing in MYB’s The Nutcracker and aspires to one day take the stage as the Snow. Outside of ballet, Brianna is actively involved in her family’s dairy farm and enjoys showing her cattle at many shows at the state and enjoys showing her cattle at many shows at the state and national level.
Lily Mittelstadt
Lily Mittelstadt is a senior at Appleton North. It is her fifth year in the company and ninth year studying at Makaroff School of Ballet.  Not only has ballet given Lily a strong work ethic and sense of self-discipline; it has also shown her that hard work pays off.  Lily loves the sense of teamwork that goes into each MYB production. She will never forget the excitement of putting on her first pair of pointe shoes—or of performing Dewdrop in the 2017 production of The Nutcracker.
Talia Roselaar
Talia Roselaar is an eighth-grader at Magellan Middle School and has been dancing at Makaroff School of Ballet since she was five years old. At the age of two, she watched her brother and her sister perform in the Nutcracker. During the battle scene, she cried when it seemed that the Mouse Queen had killed her brother. In 2012, she performed at the PAC as a ginger baby. Ballet gives Talia strength, discipline, and grace. Talia enjoys reading and writing as well as playing the violin and piano.
Sophia Syring
Sophia Syring is a sophomore at Appleton East High School. She has been dancing since she was two years old and has been taking classes at Makaroff School of Ballet for six years. This is her second year with MYB. Sophia treasures the memory of her first performance in The Nutcracker in 2014, and she aspires toward roles including the Snow Queen in The Nutcracker and Aurora in Sleeping Beauty. When not dancing, Sophia enjoys traveling and spending time with her family and friends.
Maria Tretinyak
Maria Tretinyak is a senior at Appleton North High School and has been dancing since she was three years old, this is her fourth year with MYB. Ballet has helped Maria develop a “thick skin” and strong work ethic. Her favorite part about ballet is being able to perform with her company. Ballet challenges her mentally and physically to become the best dancer and person she can be. attending Benedictine College in Kansas to major in Marketing and dance on the Ravens performance team.
Kylie Van Elzen
Kylie Van Elzen is a freshman at Kaukauna High School. She started dancing at age three and this is her seventh year at Makaroff School of Ballet.  Previously she has performed as a sheep and a party girl in The Nutcracker. Ballet inspires Kylie to physically and emotionally challenge herself in ways beyond what she ever thought possible because “dance is the hidden language of our soul.”
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Lily Bayer
Lily Bayer is a sophmore at Xavier High School. She has danced at Makaroff for eight years and this is her first year in the company. Ballet has taught Lily the values of discipline, a strong work ethic, and a positive attitude. One of the things she loves most about ballet is working with the other dancers to create something beautiful to share with the community.  Lily is inspired by the other dancers in the company. Her hobbies include hanging out with friends and family, sports, and travel.
Audra Jenike
Audra Jenike is a freshman at Appleton North High School and has been dancing at the Makaroff School of Ballet for six years. Watching a DVD of the San Francisco Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker sparked her interest when she was only 4, and from the moment she saw Clara dance with her Nutcracker and the Arabian emerge from a teapot, she wanted to be part of it. Ballet gives her a grasp of perseverance and a good work ethic. Outside of ballet Audra enjoys writing, mathematics, and piano.
Joy Sarino
Joy Sarino is a seventh grader at Janet Berry Elementary School. With no ballet background prior to joining her forever family in 2015, Joy started ballet at Makaroff School of Ballet in 2016. The presence of Angelica Generosa, a fellow Filipino-American who was the guest artist at that time, further opened her eyes to the beauty and strength of ballet. Outside of ballet, Joy loves singing, acting, traveling, playing with her dog and spending special time with her family.
Kathryn Tam
Kathryn Tam is a senior at Fond du Lac High School in her second year with MYB. She embarked on her true classical ballet education at the Makaroff School of Ballet when she was 14. Kathryn dreams of playing Odette/Odile (Swan Lake) and Dew Drop (The Nutcracker), and she loved watching the American Ballet Theatre’s production of The Sleeping Beauty when she spent a summer in New York. She enjoys running, reading, and baking. Kathryn plans on attending college and then medical school.
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