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Peter and the Wolf

On January 29, 2020, Makaroff Youth Ballet brought the production of Peter and the Wolf  to area first graders at the Fox Cities P.A.C. Thank you to the leadership of the Bright Idea Fund within the Community Foundation of the Fox Valley Region for believing in our “bright idea” and recognizing the importance of introducing young children to both ballet and music with the Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra. We could not have brought “Peter and the Wolf” to the stage without their support.

Bringing “Peter and the Wolf” to the stage was a huge endeavor for our small non-profit, and the dedication of those involved is remarkable. Jeanette Makaroff brought this dream to life with creative choreography and the patience to teach her vision to the young women who show up relentlessly to learn from her. The relationships she’s built with the dancers who translate her art to us is the magic of ballet. We are forever grateful for the light she shines in our community and the example she sets for the young women she mentors and teaches. 

The creativity of our costume design, carefully researched, and creatively executed by Duyen Bagwell brings characters to life. All of our costumes are made by hand, one feather at a time. Duyen is visionary in artistic creation and a skilled artisan. She a truly a gift to our team and our roots of gratitude to her run deep. A thank you goes out to Frank Tower and his team as well.  They built our set from the ground up to bring the world of “Peter and the Wolf” to us all. 

It will never be lost on all of us behind the scenes of Makaroff Youth Ballet how much we rely on each other to bring an idea to the stage to perform. Without our donors who continually support MYB on an on-going basis, none of this would be possible.  Our community's commitment to fine arts has never felt so much momentum.

Local Reactions to Peter and the Wolf: 

Thank you for a successful day of providing students in our community (and outside!) a wonderful opportunity to experience the arts. We enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with you as partners and are still in awe over what can be accomplished when like-minded organizations work towards the same goal. Thanks for helping inspire young hearts today!  

Cassie Schwandt, Director of Community Engagement, FVSO 

My music staff is already sending me emails and texts expressing how much their students were mesmerized by your performances.  I appreciate all of the hard work, flexibility, and collaboration it took to make it happen. Thank you for helping our young students access the arts. 

Renee Ulman, Coordinator of Fine Arts, Appleton Area School District 

How many little future dancers left the hall today? How many future musicians? You changed the trajectory of lives today and inspired future creators. Bravo! 

Jamie LaFreniere, Executive Director, Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra  

It is wonderful to live and work in a community that collaborates to make opportunities like this come to life. 2400 young people from schools and homeschools throughout Northeastern Wisconsin were introduced to a live performance of ballet and orchestra. Thank you for everyone’s team work and inspirations to make this come together. Looking forward to what we can do next.  

Amy Gosz, Director of Programming and Community Engagement,  

Fox Cities Performing Arts Center 

Children's Concerts hold a very special place in my heart, and I am so honored to have been invited to join this magnificent production!  Every element was held to the highest standard - that dance troupe... Oh gosh, what discipline, what focus! The orchestra was so kind and welcoming, and all the "magicians" behind the scenes made the sunshine, harps splash, and snow fall in the most believable way.  I am convinced that quite a few dancers, or actors, or musicians were born that day, and this was only possible because of your selfless commitment to your work and mission.  

Nadya Potemkina, Music Department,  

Wesleyan University Orchestra and Concert Choir 

Wow!  What a wonderful performance to share with my daughter!  Her first orchestra and ballet experience and my favorite as a musician myself, Peter and the Wolf!  She actually attends dance class including ballet and will be starting piano lessons soon.  Thanks so much for bringing this inspiring experience to our kids, esp homeschool kids in our area!!! 

Attending Homeschool 

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